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Technical data
Name Gyro
Type parafoil
Level easy
Cells 17
Aspect ratio 4
For fan

For snow season we created new AEROS GYRO – parafoil kite with open cells. New AEROS Gyro obtained totally new airfoil, new plan form, improved internal wing design.

As a result – depower, handling and stability were significantly improved, handling became smooth and pleasant.  Due to innovative design solutions wing became lighter.

Open cells with rigid ribs noses provide easy take off and parking in any reasonable wind conditions, increase safety in the mountains.

For whom is Aeros Gyro designed: GYRO will suit for weekend riders, for admirers of mountain snowkiting, for those, who prefer comfort and safety.



New AEROS Gyro has one-front line release system which shows great results – immediate and constant load dropping untill kite parking. We made hundreds of experiments with such release and can say that it works superb.


Open Air Edition

Same as previous year we propose AEROS Gyro both in standard edition and in Open Air Edition. OA kites have reinforced canopy structure, stronger suspension and main flying lines, additionally secured pulleys, 3-rings release system.

AEROS Gyro OA is perfect both for mountain riders and for admires of autonomous snowkiting.

AEROS Gyro OA is available in 10 sqm and 12.5 sqm.


Technical Data

Size   5 7 10 12
Area m2     5,5 7 10 12,5
Aspect Ratio   4 4 4 4
Lines m 18     20     22     22    
Cells   17 17 17 17
Weight kg 3.1  3.2  3.3 


Materials Used

Main fabric –New Skytex 40 gr/sqm
Reinforcements Dacron TM Polyant 180 gr/sqm
Suspensin lines: dyneema in PE cover, aramid in PE cover
Flying lines: 200Kg – 300Kg for AEROS Gyro standard, 200Kg – 500 Kg for AEROS Gyro OA
Pulleys Ronstan


Standard Delivery Set

Kite AEROS Gyro with suspension lines and mixers
Bar assembled
Safety leash
Lines Dyneema 4x22 m (4x20 m for Gyro 7 and 4x18 m for Gyro 5)
Repair Kit
Ruckzak 65 l


Delivery Set "Canopy Only"

Kite AEROS Gyro with suspension lines and mixers
Repair Kit
Ruckzak 65 l