Диета дружбы
Новые шаблоны для джумла
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Technical data
Type kitesurf
Level high advanced
Aspect ratio 5.8
For race

Season is already on but we still didn’t inform you about our new race inflatable kite – CRUISER Super Race (Cruiser SR). So, let’s begin.

-Were to use?

-Race, freerace, progressive freeride, big air, hangtime.

-For whom?

-Experienced riders will obtain maximum performance using new CRUISER SR. Also will give a lot of pleasure to admires of hook-in flights.

Main differences of CRUISER SR from free-race CRUISER:

Geometry: CRUISER SR has much higher aspect ratio (5.8 of CRUISER SR against 5.2 of CRUISER), improved speed airfoil, new method of stretching of panels was used.

Feeling: CRUISER SR has more effective de-power, you feel the kite more solid, better upwind and downwind abilities.

Ika registred

We registred Cruiser SR to give you opportunity to compete in IKA events!