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Technical data
Type motoparaglide
Level medium
Cells 39
Aspect ratio 4.81
For trike

This wing is a reinforced version of bi-place Vitamin 2 adapted for aerochute trike.

Easy take off, superb handling and stability make it very po;pular among paramotor admires.

We use only most reliable materials for Vitamin PP. The most critical to porosity top surface is made from well-known for it's durability Gelvenor OLKS.


Technical Data


Size   38
Area m2     38
Span m 13,52
Aspect Ratio   4,81
Area Proj. m2 33,25
Span Proj. m 10,88
Aspect Ratio Proj.   3,56
Cells   39
Take Off Weight kg 130 - 350



Top - Gelvenor OLKS
Bottom - Porcher Skytex
Lines - Cousin Trestec


Set of Delivery

- wing
- big bag
- light packing bag
- users manual
- bag for risers
- bending Velcro tape
- repair kit